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Poznámky k Lýkožroutovi

30th Anniversary of operation Desert Storm

75th Anniversary D Day Normandy 6th June 1944

Výkonová Elektronika
Mikrovlnná Technika

Critical Control..


TorchWood (France):   The European  FP7 Project on 2.43 GHz
by Tecsabois (Jean Batiste); Romill (myself) & others..   

Microwave Wood Treatment (Melbourne Unversity)
by Prof. Targovnikov achieved on 915 MHz (= > Europe non-friendly)

Advanced Network Technology (ANeT s.r.o.)
Safety Hardware

Critical Control


Expert Systems:  CalcMaster, CoolMaster, MechMaster.. (3D optimalizace)



Výkonová Elektronika,  Mikrovlnná technika 





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